Campaign 2014
Faron is a fiscal conservative and a staunch defender of individual rights.
Faron served as alderman on the Lethbridge City Council from 2010 to 2013. Among other initiatives, his operating budget resolutions led to the lowest property tax increases Lethbirdge residents have seen in over two decades.
Lethbridge Taxes 2000-2014

Taxes 2001-2014

Faron has been a Lethbridge College political scientist for the past 18 years. He founded the Citizen Society Research Lab and is a frequent political commentator for local, provincial and national media organizations.
Faron has worked on a variety of political campaigns as a candidate, campaign manager, volunteer, pollster and  consultant.
Aside from the time he spent attending university in Calgary and Ottawa, Faron has lived his entire life in Lethbridge.
Faron has the experience and the commitment to represent Lethbirdge East in the Alberta Legislature.