Political Scientist at Lethbridge College (1997-present)
Citizen Society Research Lab at  Lethbridge College (2000-present)
Alderman at Lethbridge City Council City of Lethbridge (2010-2013)
Instructor at University of Lethbridge (1996)
Assistant Professor at University of Lethbridge (1995-1996)
Instructor University of Calgary (1994)
Teaching/Research  Assistant at University of Calgary (1991-1995)
Campaign Manager Rick Casson Campaign – Lethbridge Reform Party (1997)
Researcher/Pollster at Reform Party of Canada (1991-1995)
Project Administrator at Lethbridge Community College (1989-1990)
Teaching Assistant at Carleton University (1987-1989)
Research Assistant at University of Calgary (1986-1987)
Apprentice motor mechanic, Ellis Autodrome Ltd., Lethbridge (1980-1982)